Automotive Extrusions

Automotive extrusions have made some significant changes in recent years. While a lot of focus has been on the move to electronic vehicles, considerable effort has been made to reduce vehicle weight

With more stringent regulations and increased consumer demand for fuel economy, aluminum extrusions has become the preferred choice for many automotive applications. We have seen it replace high-strength steel in the body structure in a lot of cases. 

Aluminum extrusion products are widely used in the automotive industry

Many vehicle makers use aluminum for a number of exterior body panels, whereas others will use this material for the complete structure. Recently, we have seen new vehicles with more of a performance-based attitude introduced with aluminum as the structure. 

The market for automotive aluminum extrusions

Revolutionary innovations in extrusion equipment are driving the automotive aluminum extrusion industry forward. In 2021, the worldwide market for automotive aluminum extrusions was valued at $65.05 billion. It is predicted that by 2030 this will reach $124.94 billion. The future is certainly bright for the automotive aluminum extrusion market.

Why are aluminum extrusions a popular choice in the automobile industry?

There are a number of benefits associated with aluminum extrusions for vehicles: 

  • They are almost 100 percent recyclable 
  • Aluminum extrusions have exceptional corrosion resistance
  • They are lightweight 
  • Aluminum is a lot safer 

We will expand on a few of those points a bit further.

Aluminum is key for developing light commercial vehicles

The fact that aluminum is lightweight is significant because it can contribute to shorter stopping distances and quicker vehicle acceleration. 

Automotive manufacturers boost safety with aluminum extrusion components

Increased safety is one of the most important reasons to use aluminum components. Performance vehicles are created to perform at quicker speeds, which can cause more severe damage to the vehicle in the event of a crash.

Aluminum is very predictable in the way it reacts to collision forces

Automotive designers can use the predictability of aluminum to design vehicles that absorb collision energy, transferring it around and away from the occupants of the vehicle. 

Some vehicle parts, for example, extruded, single-cell lower rails or front crush tubes, are created to reduce and absorb collision energy. At the same time, the bigger, multi-celled extruded inner rockers are going to transfer the collision energy around occupants. 

Aluminum’s superior corrosion resistance 

As highlighted, aluminum performs much better in terms of corrosion resistance when compared with other materials typically used in automotive manufacturing.

Unlike iron and steel, aluminum extrusions are highly resistant to corrosion after powder coating or anodizing due to a thick aluminum oxide layer. 

As a consequence, the expenses associated with maintaining automotive aluminum extrusions are quite low. 

Aluminum fits in with the market’s direction 

The worldwide automotive aluminum extrusion market is expected to grow throughout the forecast period largely due to the greater demand for lightweight automobiles, as a consequence of the stringent emission standards being implemented worldwide. 

Also, the rise in global demand for electric vehicles is expected to lead to further growth in the aluminum extrusion sector, as aluminum is widely used in electric vehicle production.

An increase in government incentives for aluminum extrusions

Another factor that is playing a role in the growth of the market is the increase in government incentives to utilize aluminum extrusions in creating integrated photovoltaic systems.

Furthermore, the surge in the development of the building and construction sector is likely to play a factor.  

Recognizing the benefits of automotive aluminum extrusions

As you can see, there are many benefits that are associated with aluminum extrusions for the automotive market, so it is not hard to see why this is thriving at the moment. With aluminum offering safety and longevity benefits, it is an obvious choice for current and future automotive production. 

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