Zetwerk is a leading supplier of custom aluminum extrusions

Finding the Right Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers

You can save a lot of time and money by using custom aluminum extrusions as the building blocks for your project. As aluminum is both strong and lightweight, you can use it in place of a number of other metals, such as steel. 

However, to experience all of the benefits custom aluminum extrusions offer, you need to choose a company with care. Performing due diligence from the offset will help ensure your project goes smoothly and is completed on time and within budget. 

With that being said, we have put together this ultimate guide, which reveals exactly what you need to look for in an aluminum extrusion manufacturer. 

Zetwerk is a leading supplier of custom aluminum extrusions

Questions about the company’s expertise

What quality and industry certifications does your business have at present?

The aluminum extruder you hire needs to meet or exceed the compliance and quality requirements for the sectors it serves. 

Esteemed certifications demonstrate a business’s commitment to quality products and continual innovation. These certifications inform you that you are working with a manufacturer that can work to the very high standards needed. 

Some of the different certifications you may be looking for include ITAR certification, MIL Spec certification, ISO9001 certification, AS9100 certification, and such like. 

What kind of aluminum extrusions does your company specialize in?

Custom aluminum extrusion companies will typically serve a number of different industries. While you get companies that cover the full spectrum of use cases, you will find that most tend to focus on two or three sectors that will make up the vast majority of their business. 

For example, some extruders will focus their efforts on the aerospace market, whereas others may specialize in the automotive extrusion market. Naturally, you want a supplier that knows your industry exceptionally well. 

What sort of products can you provide?

Leading on from the former question, you will want to know what sort of products the company can provide you with. For instance, if you work in the construction sector, you may require aluminum paneling, cladding, flat bars, tubes, and even windows. 

Always get in touch with the custom aluminum extrusions company you are considering beforehand to determine whether they can manufacture the products you require to the quality that is needed. 

What is the longevity of your employee, supplier, and client relationships?

This is an important question to ask because the answer says a lot about the value a business places upon its people and the service they offer to their clients. 

When you come across a custom extrusions business that has relationships that span decades, you know that it must be doing something right. 

What was your on-time delivery percentage over the last year and month?

It is essential to ensure the company has a good track record regarding their on-time delivery percentage. 

When a company tracks its shipments and has a very low history of delays, you know they are committed to outstanding customer service. 

Delays cost you time and money. If you miss a delivery for your extruded aluminum products, it may also mean that you do not get a repeat order for your services in the future. This stunts business growth, which is the last thing anyone wants. Read the next post of our aluminum extrusion guide (part 2)

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